Albert Einstein received instruction in both Christianity (at a Roman Catholic school) and Judaism (his family of origin). When interviewed by the Saturday Evening Post in 1929, Einstein was asked what he thought of Christianity.
"To what extent ...

Marriage is oriented toward procreation , and only a man and a woman can procreate . Also , God made men and women to complement each other , both physically and psychologically .
Two men or two omen do not complement each other the way a man ...
While a minority of British people are religious, most people think Britain is a Christian country
David Cameron risks fostering “alienation” with his characterisation of Britain as a Christian country, according to an open letter in the Daily Telegraph ...

Mohammed Healed of Deafness, Confesses Jesus is Lord

Being deaf, Mohammed could not hear the message or the prayers and had no understanding of what was happening in that place , He lay down on the ground to rest when suddenly his ears opened with an explosion of sound. He stood before Daniel on the platform trembling as he acknowledged that Jesus had opened his ears. He slowly came to the realization that Jesus is not just a man, but the unique Son of the living God. He confessed Jesus as Lord and asked that the message be sent back to his wife at home – Jesus is the Son of the God!

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