It’s all over. 3-1 the final score. Although, not quite the Barca domination so many had anticipated. In fact for a period of the second half, while the score was still 1-1 the momentum was with Juventus. It was certainly one of the better champions league ...
Some use Christianity as a tool for manipulation, using fear, shame and guilt to control and influence others.

Whether it’s to promote a political agenda, rally around a particular cause, support a certain belief or to simply gain power—it’s a tempting ...
The Bible commands men to love their wives as Christ loves the church.  This is a very difficult command to obey because Christ gave His own life for the church.  In fact He died for it.

The church is spoken of as the Bride of Christ and Jesus is the ...

Being deaf, Mohammed could not hear the message or the prayers and had no understanding of what was happening in that place , He lay down on the ground to rest when suddenly his ears opened with an explosion of sound. He stood before Daniel on the platform ...

There are 53 countries that now have laws that restrict the Christian faith

They will persecute you ,

Overall, there are 53 countries that now have laws that restrict the Christian faith according to one recent report.

All over the planet, the Christian faith is under assault. In the western world we may not have to face much violent persecution just yet, but our faith is relentlessly mocked, ridiculed and demonized on television, in the movies and on the Internet.

Laws that are anti-Christian in tone and substance are regularly being passed, and many of our top politicians are not even pretending to be fair to us any longer.

Just like in much of the rest of the world, we are starting to discover that there is a great price to be paid for following Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 16, Jesus told us that if anyone would choose to follow Him, that individual should “deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”

Are you ready to take up your cross?

The persecution of Christians is only going to get worse in the years ahead, and in order to make it through what is coming we need to be ready to give up everything for Him.
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Article By Michael Snyder

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