Prayer is the life-breath and heartbeat of a truly Christian home. It's also one of the best ways to help your family thrive. When you pray together, each member of the family learns what it means to be intimate with God. When you see answers to prayer, ...
Christianity was the main religion in Egypt between the fourth and Sixth Centuries . Now Christianity is a minority religion in Egypt. Egyptian Christians, nearly all of whom are Copts , most likely account for about 10% of the country's population.The ...
Prayer is essential in every thing we do. We need to consider all factors while or when praying. Such factors, when praying before a meal to be considered are;

Giving thanks to He who provides for all, Asking Him to Join in as we eat, Also we need ...
A lying tongue is one that speaks falsehood, knowingly and willingly, with an intention to deceive others. Lying can be used to impugn the character of a brother or to flatter a friend. It is a most detestable evil to God, who is a God of truth. Nothing ...

Setting priorities as a future Mother

1- God
2- My Husband
3- My Home
4- My Children
5- My Private Life
6- Public Life

The decisions you make must be based on how the opportunity/task may affect each of these areas

God comes first for me; ultimately I need to know my choices are reflecting that priority for me and the fear of the Lord is evident in my life and I am obeying Him.

My husband, he is my second priority. I am committed to loving my husband in practical ways, spending time with him, encouraging him, and being his support person. Notice he is far above my children, time together for us without kids is a necessity not a luxury.

My home is next. This one throws some people and it took me awhile to understand this and feel comfortable with this, but what were you given first to care for? A home or children? Don’t make the common mistake of always putting activities with your children above caring for your home. Work for proper balance. You are responsible for creating an environment for your family to thrive in. If your home is chaotic, a mess and unmanageable your family will suffer.

My children are fourth. Understanding where my children are in the priority order makes it easier for me to make decisions. I can look at the big picture and see what else may be impacted negatively and where that falls into my list.

My private life is fifth. Making sure I am taking time for myself, caring for my own needs for rest, exercise and spiritual renewal.

My Public life. All of my activities outside the home, from volunteering, work to friendships, these all are included here. This is where most women have trouble learning to say “no”. But it is extremely important that you can learn to say no, or the other more important areas will suffer. Don’t let yourself become fooled by what society is telling you that you need to be, know what your priorities are and where your strength comes from.

After all, when mom is doing well, the whole family thrives!

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